Watch Repair

At The Jewelry Clinic, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive and expert watch repair services. Our skilled watchmakers possess the precision and expertise required to restore your timepiece to its full glory.  Let us be your trusted partner in preserving these timeless symbols of elegance and functionality.

A watch battery being replaced

Battery Replacement

Get your watch ticking again!
Gold Bracelet Resizing

Watch Band Adjustment

Too wide? Too Tight? Let's make your watch fit just right!
The inside mechanics of a watch

Mechanical Repair

Restore the health of your beautiful timepiece!

Jewelry Repair

Since 1990, The Jewelry Clinic has been your trusted destination for expert jewelry repairs. We understand the sentimental value of your jewelry, whether it's a family heirloom or a treasured gift. Our highly skilled artisans are dedicated to providing top-notch repair services, ensuring your jewelry looks as good as new.

Our comprehensive range of jewelry repair services includes:

Ring Sizing
A jeweler resizing a ring for a customer.
Whether you need your ring resized up or down, we'll make sure it fits you perfectly.
Ring Shank Replacement
A jeweler replacing ring shanks.
Renew the look of your rings with our ring shank replacement service.
Stone Setting
Diamond Rings
We ensure that your gemstones are securely set and shining brilliantly.
Prong Re-tipping
A jeweler retipping prongs for a customers ring
Ensure the security of your precious stones by having us expertly re-tip worn or damaged prongs.
Chain Repair
A jeweler repairing a customers gold chain.
From delicate chains to sturdy links, we expertly repair and restore all types of chains.
Clasp Replacement
A bunch of jewelry clasps
Don't let a broken clasp keep you from wearing your favorite piece. We can replace it quickly and effectively.
Bracelet Re-hinging
A jeweler re-hinging a bracelet
Restore the functionality and beauty of your bracelets with our precise re-hinging service.‍
Restringing Pearls & Beads
Pearl Necklace
Preserve the integrity of your pearl or bead jewelry with our expert restringing service.
The jewelry clinic performing soldering services
Our skilled artisans can expertly solder broken or weak areas of your jewelry.
The Jewelry Clinic refinishing jewelry
We specialize in refinishing your jewelry, giving it a fresh, beautiful appearance.
The Jewelry Clinic polishing jewelry
Our polishing service removes scratches and restores the luster of your jewelry, making it look brand new.

At The Jewelry Clinic, we don't just repair jewelry;

Exterior view of Jewelry Clinic in Riverhead, Long Island
we restore memories and preserve legacies. Trust us to keep your jewelry looking stunning and significant for generations to come
Custom Jewelry